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Local Infrastructure Fast Track for Maryland (#LIFT4MD)

Everyone who lives, works, shops, moves, eats, drinks and flushes in Marylalift4mdnd depends upon its infrastructure. Investing in infrastructure – a call heard at every level of government – improves Maryland jobs, business attractiveness, and quality of life across the state.

Local infrastructure – our roads, bridges, public transit, water and sewer systems, dams, wastewater treatment plants, public buildings, conduits, fiber, and more - requires reliable investment to keep Maryland moving.

  • Maryland local governments own and maintain 83% of the public road miles in our state – nearly the highest share in the country
  • The lion’s share of structurally deficient bridges – around 250 – are owned and maintained by local governments
  • Counties bear the burden for school construction needs, funding 74% of total school construction costs
  • Don’t forget water and sewer systems. Baltimore City has spent nearly a billion on sewer system repairs and upgrades, but under a federal consent decree, still needs to spend an additional $1.2 billion

Recession-driven cost shifts have starved local infrastructure systems for funds and reliable funding streams, which require consistency in particular to fund capital programs.

Counties and cities have NO LOCAL REVENUE SOURCE targeted to infrastructure – highway user revenues were the workhorse, and now they’re basically gone.

A Local Infrastructure Fast Track for Maryland - #LIFT4MD – would provide:

  • Meaningful new FY 2018 funding for restoring the local share of highway user revenues – using the fair, statewide formula used for decades
  • Phased-in restoration of the historic 30% local share of state transportation revenues – enhancing safety and road quality for motorists everywhere
  • An honest, objective inventory of public infrastructure needs across Maryland – assessing the needs and reliable revenue sources targeted for each area of service

Let your senators know you support SB 586 - Local Infrastructure Fast Track for Maryland Act!
Let your delegates know you support HB 1322 - Local Infrastructure Fast Track for Maryland Act!



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