FY 2022 State Budget Documents

There are many budget documents available to review, but county government-related information is often buried in multi-page reports. We’ve identified the sections of the budget that impact County Government and posted them into the following chart for easy access.

SourceCounty Details
Governor’s Fiscal Year
2022 Proposed
Operating Budget
Budget Highlights 

Operating Budget Book:Proposed Operating Budget Detail by Agency

Governor’s 2022 Budget Proposal – What It Means for Counties

Schools, Economic Recovery Dominate Hogan’s Budget Proposal

2021 End of Session Wrap-Up: State Operating Budget

Governor’s Fiscal Year
2022 Proposed Capital

Capital Improvement Plan 

Capital Budget

Capital Budget Map

Capital Budget as Proposed by County

DLS Analyses: FY 2022 OverviewFiscal Briefing Document

Fiscal Briefing Quick Look

State Aid to Local Governments

Economic and Revenue Outlook

DLS Fiscal Briefing: The Big Picture on State Budget, Revenues, and Aid

Kirwan Blueprint Fix-Up Bill – A Final Fiscal Note

Supplemental BudgetsAnalysis of Supplemental Budgets
Hogan Submits $1.5 Billion Supplemental Budget
The RELIEF Act of 2021

HB0612 Fiscal Note
MACo Testimony HB0612

SB0496 Fiscal Note
MACo Weighs in on RELIEF Act

State COVID Relief “Fast Tracked” in Senate

Hogan Unveils $1 Billion Stimulus Package

Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act (BRFA) of 2021

MACo Testimony HB0589

MACo Testimony SB0493
Here We Go Again: Governor Revives SDAT Cost Shift To Counties

House Committee Rejects Cost Shifts for Assessments & Payments to Erroneously Convicted Individuals, Restores Funding for Community Colleges

Senate, Following House, Passes County-Friendly Budget

For more information on budget and taxation issues contact Kevin Kinnally.