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Maryland Association of Counties (MACo)

169 Conduit Street, Annapolis, MD 21401
Ph: 410.269.0043     Fx: 410.286.1775

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Michael Sanderson

Executive Director

Michael Sanderson

Manages general day-to-day operations of the Association, Board of Directors and Executive Committee (officers), and legislative advocacy. Member of the Local Government Insurance Trust Board of Directors. Legislative Affairs Areas: transportation and public works, education, and employment benefits and relations. Hosts the Conduit Street Podcast.

Policy Team

Natasha Mehu

Legislative Director

Natasha Mehu, Esq.

Leads MACo's Policy Team in coordinating advocacy efforts in Annapolis. Covers community-based policy issues and services provided by county governments. Contributes to MACo publications, issue research, and policy advocacy. Legislative Affairs Areas: health and human services, housing and community development, public safety and corrections, and business affairs. Liaison to affiliates including Health Officers, Human Service Directors, and Corrections.

Les Knapp

Legal & Policy Counsel

Leslie Knapp Jr.

Advises and guides the Association on legal, liability, and regulatory matters, affecting both the Association itself and its member counties. Legislative Affairs Areas: environment, governmental liability and courts, parks and recreation, planning and zoning, and public information and ethics. Liaison to affiliates including Attorneys, Environmental Health, Engineers, Planners, and Recreation and Parks.

Robin Eilenberg

Research Director

Robin Clark Eilenberg, Esq.

Manages research and information gathering on policy and operational issues relevant to county governments, and serves as a primary conduit for federal policy engagement. Oversees MACo publications and issue research, and analytics supporting policy advocacy. Legislative Affairs Areas: school construction and capital budget, pensions and public funds, emergency services, and information technology. Liaison to affiliates including Emergency Managers, Human Resources, and Information Technology. 

Kevin Kinnally

Associate Director

Kevin Kinnally

Works with policy staff to review legislation and advance county positions. Works with MACo affiliate organizations to develop information helpful to MACo communications and advocacy efforts. Legislative Affairs Areas: finance and procurement, state budget and fiscal issues, elections, taxes and revenues, and intergovernmental relations. Hosts the Conduit Street Podcast.

Member Services Team

Virginia White

Member Services Director

Virginia White

Leads the Member Services team by coordinating all events, overall communications, marketing, outreach, and partnership plans. Manages all facets of conferences and events for the Association. Assists with scheduling advocacy efforts during the legislative session of the General Assembly. Liaison to the Board of Directors and the Academy for Excellence in Local Governance.

Leslie Velasco

Administration & Finance Director

Leslie Velasco

Manages financial reporting, personnel issues, general office administration, telecommunications administrator, and conference exhibits. Serves as the liaison to National Association of Counties’ Financial Services Center.

Allison Valliant

Administrative Coordinator

Allison Valliant

Provides general office support. Manages office scheduling for staff and in-house meetings. Maintains membership database and serves as editor of the MACo Directory. Serves as conference registrar for attendees, speakers, and moderators.

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