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Michael Sanderson - Executive Director
Legislative Affairs Areas: business affairs, health and human services, government liability and courts, housing and community development, and public safety and corrections.  

Kevin Kinnally - Legislative Director
Legislative Affairs Areas: state budget and fiscal issues, elections, finance, taxes and revenues, emergency services, pensions, and intergovernmental relations.

D'Paul Nibber - Associate Policy Director
Legislative Affairs Areas: public information and ethics, government liability and courts, health and human services, housing and community development, public safety and corrections.

Brianna January - Associate Policy Director
Legislative Affairs Areas: education, schools and capital facilities, employee benefits and relations, business affairs, and pensions.

Dom Butchko - Associate Policy Director
Legislative Affairs Areas: environment, planning and zoning, transportation and public works, parks and recreation, intergovernmental relations.

Virginia White - Deputy Director
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Conduit Street Podcast