Major Issues Summary

While each General Assembly Session brings up a new set of legislative matters for MACo staff and membership to focus on, there are some overarching issues that recur in some capacity every year.

Protecting Local Budgets and Revenues

Advocating to ensure the state budget passes with no new county cutbacks, cost shifts, or unfair new burdens. Resisting mandated proposals to erode county tax bases (income taxes, property taxes). 

Defending Local Autonomy and Decision-Making 

Supporting flexible authority to address local issues locally. Opposing overbroad state prohibition or preemptions of local actions. 

Championing Local Road Funding

Supporting a major multi-year infusion of local road funding. Legislators and local governments collaborated on the biggest step forward since the deep cuts of 2009. Under a new 5-year plan, State funding for local roads will nearly double for FY 2020-2024. 

Promoting Smart Investments in Education

Supporting important advances in school construction to generate a smarter process and stronger state funding. Advocating for fair and adequate education financing formulas and accountability measures. 

Defending County Liability and Employee Protection

Fighting against costly and unfair proposals concerning county lawsuits. Raising governmental concerns on broad-based bills affecting local government employers. Pushing back against broad and costly employer mandates and bills that overstep into local pension management. Protecting privacy of employee records, avoiding frivolous complaints and opening personnel files. 

Securing Smart Public Safety Reforms

Supporting reforms that improve the criminal justice system and save costs. Fending off troubling and overreaching mandates on local jails. 

Supporting Strong Tools for Public Health

Engaging with the General Assembly and Administration to build most flexible and supportive paths forward through the opioid crisis and other public health threats. 

Safeguarding Local Land Use 

Protecting long-standing local oversight of planning and zoning by opposing intrusive bills.

Legislative News & Information

During the session and throughout the interim, MACo regularly provides updates on news related to our major legislative issues.

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